Produce Bag March 19th 2021

Our greenhouses are very very green and our produce is growing quickly. With the sunny days, the greenhouses are always up to 20c and usually over 25 and venting to keep cool.

The farm is busy with seeding for transplants and greenhouse work! Our overwinter experimentation seems to have worked out well this year as we expect to have by weekly or possibly weekly produce bags!  For those patiently waiting, the Jersey Waygu Beef has arrived! So this week order some beef along with a huge produce bag!

  • Produce Bag $25
    • Mesclun Lettuce Mix
    • Baby Leaf Spinach
    • Kale
    • Lettuce
    • Bunching Onions
    • Cilantro
  • Whole Turkey ($3/lb) (~20lb)
  • Jersey Waygu¬†Grass Fed Beef
    • Ground Beef $8.00/lb
    • TBone Steak $21.00/lb
    • Sirloin Tip Steak $16.00/lb
    • Beef Soup Bones $5.00/lb
    • Inside Round $16.00/lb
    • Outside Round $16.00/lb
    • Blade Steak $16.00/lb
    • Striploin Steak $16.00/lb
    • Prime Rib Steak $18.00/lb
    • Eye Round Steak $21.00/lb
    • Flank Steak $14.00/lb
    • Liver $8.00/lb