Produce and Christmas Turkey

This is likely the last produce bag for the 2020 season, and it can come with a freshly butchered small Turkey.   Just remember pickup is this Thursday evening, as the Turkeys will arrive back on the farm around 6pm Thursday December 10th.   The Turkeys will be 10-15lb, order early as we have a limited number. We will also be picking a little of everything we have for our produce bag, and for those Popcorn lovers our cobs popcorn are dry and ready to pop!

  • Produce Bag – $25
    • 3+ Heads of Lettuce
    • Kale Mix
    • Tiny Fennel
    • Tiny Cilantro
    • Tiny Spring Onions
    • Popcorn!

Free Range Pastured Chicken, Turkey, and Berkshire/Tamworth pork!

  • Whole/Half Turkey ($4/lb)
  • Whole Chicken $4/lb
  • Berkshire/Tamworth Pork Products
    • Bacon $12
    • 4 Pork Chops $12
    • 4 Cured Pork Chops $12  
    • Smoked Sausage (2lb) $18
    • Tomato Basil Sausage (2lb) $18
    • Onion Sage Sausage (2lb) $18
    • Oktoberfest Breakfast Sausage $10
    • Mild Italian Breakfast Sausage $10
    • Maple Breakfast Sausage $10
    • Garlic Breakfast Sausage $10
    • Honey Garlic Breakfast Sausage $10  
    • Pork BBQ Ribs $15
    • Pork Back Ribs $10

The Maryhill Organic Family, Jeremy, Janice, Ivy, Spencer, and Violet Erb