Thanksgiving Turkey October 6th

Fall is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This year we have grown some great Thanksgiving Turkeys along with some Chickens. 29 Turkeys and 21 Chickens will be going to the butcher on October 6th.  If you would like to order a fresh Turkey or Chicken for thanksgiving let us know. Pickup will be on October 6th after 6pm, or we can bring your Turkey to the Guelph Farmers Market on Saturday morning.  You can also reserve a Christmas Turkey/Chicken as we are also raising another road for pickup on December 22nd.

We will have a good selection of 12-25lb Turkeys and our Chickens will likely be around the 4-5lb mark. We can also get the butcher to Half the Turkeys making them come in under the 10lb mark.