Produce Bag and Whole Chickens Aug 26 and 27th

This week we will have some small heads of Romaine and Muir lettuce, along with a lot of the regular produce!  All of our tomatoes are ripe so we hope to include a lot of delicious large slicing tomatoes for yummy tomato sandwiches.  We will have Carolina Gold, Mountain, Brandywine, and a few other varieties in the bag this week.  Of course, we are hoping for some great surprises!

We will also have fresh whole chickens available Thursday evening after 6pm!  These will range between 8-12lbs, they go to the butcher Thursday morning and will arrive fresh Thursday evening after 6pm Thursday evening.   If you want to pick up a fresh chicken and a produce bag let us know you will be coming Thursday evening instead of Wednesday evening!
If you want a Thanksgiving Turkey order now! We hope to have a nice range between 15lb to 24lbs this year.  Let us know the weight you want, and they will be butchered and back to the farm on October 9th after 6pm ready to go into your oven!

  • Produce Bag – $30
    • Celery
    • Red Onions
    • White Onions
    • Shallots
    • Lettuce
    • Garlic
    • Peppers
    • Cherry Tomatoes
    • Large Tomatoes (Carolina Gold, Mountain, Brandywine, and more)
    • Eggplant