Produce Bag April 23

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning and start to their week.  The sun is shining and our produce continues to grow.    This week we have a limited number of small produce bags available packed with fresh delicious greens. We hope everyone has been enjoying our early season produce bags this year, the weather has indeed been co-operating.
In order to make sure our produce is the freshest it can get, feel free to drop by the farm Wednesday evening between 6PM to 9PM to pickup your fresh picked and packed produce bags, or any time on Thursday. 

  • Produce Bag $15
    • Mesclun Lettuce Mix
    • Leaf Lettuce (3 heads)
    • Large Spinach
    • Cilantro

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!   Remember we are still accepting bag returns, but have moved to using paper bags during this period.    We are still accepting all cartoon returns, but will be using new egg cartons and bags for our eggs and produce.